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Wayanad Silverwoods, the stunning Kerala resort is an oasis of tranquility, with myriad treasures hidden in every nook and corner of Wayanad.Wayanad Silverwoods hosts a wide range of activities (with prior notice) themed around unique geography and culture of the place ensuring to be the best holiday resort in Wayanad. They are designed to get you out, to explore the environment both within and outside the resort, and come back with rich experiences. In addition to the escape guaranteed by the serenity of your cottage and the privacy afforded by your own personal jacuzzi, Wayanad Silverwoods invites you to relax and take advantage of the following outdoor and indoor services:

Guided Bird Watching

Budding ornithologists or an avid bird watcher, carry your cameras and observe and study birds with either naked eye or binoculars. Avifaunal species that are spotted in Wayanad forest comprise Crested Serpent Eagle, Crested Hawk Eagle, Malabar Grey Hornbill and King Vultures. Best times for spotting variety of birds are during spring where you can spot plenty of migratory birds along with the common species’.

Bird watch
bird watch

Wayanad Silverwoods provides you with Trekking options into the Wayanad trekking trails which are a delightful challenge to trekkers and nature freaks. This can be organized with prior notice as you require permission from the Forest Department along with a Guide, if required.

Silverwoods activities
Silverwoods activities
Tribal Village Visits

Tribal visits can be organized with prior notice. These trips allow the guests to visit the tribal village visit and appreciate the Kerala tribal heritage. We encourage visits to the tribal market which helps in promoting responsible tourism by means of monetary assistance to the local Wayanad tribal sects.

Fishing and Boating

Boating in the Banasura Resovoir and other lakes (Pookot, Kuruva..), or take a bullock cart ride, Cycle around the village or go fishing .

Nature Walk

Take a guided tour of coffee and spice plantation on foot. Learn firsthand the difference between an Arabica and Robusta, discover how the Malabar blend got ‘monsooned’ by the indigenous and tea estates by the colonists

Cookery Class

Take a lesson in authentic Malabar cooking or learn to bake cakes at our state of the art kitchen from our master Chef.

Organic Garden

Visit the backyard kitchen garden and pick fresh vegetables (seasonal). Learn hands on organic gardening and help the gardener with his tools or water the garden .

Silverwoods acyivities
Silverwoods activities



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