Our Ayurvedic Spa is inspired from the ancient traditions, theories of Ayurveda, the science of life, and modern treatments. Ayurvedic Scholar Charaka has defined Ayurveda as the knowledge of Mind, Body, Senses and Soul. Wayanad Silver in association with Aloe Ayurvedic Spa has formulated extensive Ayurvedic packages, treatments, Massages, wellness therapies, yoga, meditation practices etc for travelers in this monsoon, the most suitable season for a complete refreshment and rejuvenation.

Our special treatment methodologies and Health therapies will create a healthy balance of the body and mind. Moreover it stimulates the circulatory and nervous system and generates an overall energy around you. Our major wellness therapies include: Besides these we have also designed special Aloe packages and Silverwoods Honeymoon packages comprising 2 or more of the above treatments. The treatments and therapies will take your body as a whole and the physician will take careful note of your physiological and psychological states. We are sure that you will be experiencing an eternal journey through your soul while these treatments. A good amount of positive energy will be implanted in your mind and body which will provide you an overall boost.