Silver Woods – Lobby

Travel to Wayanad and bask in tremendous opportunity to make your holiday an event to remember with the comfort of Wayanad Silverwoods. Your journey at Wayanad starts from our warm welcoming lobby. A flowing lobby creates a sense of movement and vitality. Double height ceilings, sky lighters with glass at points on the sloping roof, low seating and an open layout allow natural light to carry throughout the environment. The massive terracotta mural creates the feel of Wayanad’s precious treasures. The unfinished granite and terracotta tile flooring which starts from the lobby is the beginning of the design flow. Multi functional in nature it meets the need for workspace, lounge, and technology centre with wi-fi access. Modular furniture and easy-access power outlets encourage multi-tasking and enable you to utilize areas for work, relaxation and socializing.

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