Primero Villas with wheelchair access

Our resort has specially designed premium villas to offer a comfortable stay for handicapped and senior persons. These villas are designed to cater the needs of elderly and handicapped people (maintaining the international standards) so as to make a complete family outing possible. In this premium resorts in Wayanad they will treated with extreme care, hospitality, respect and love.

Primero Villas in Wayanad, are villas with wheelchair access. This luxury resort in Wayanad also provides rooms for people with disabilities. Silverwoods Wayanad villas with wheelchair access are perfect if you have had a disability in the past or are wheelchair bound and require special access to the property or ramp to access the property. This resort is also family friendly and perfect for kids. Wheelchair Accessible Villas have wide decks, and have even been seen to have jacuzzies. These resorts are situated on the hills of Wayanad, which allows for great views of Banasura Lake surrounding area.